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The discount account and fee account are set in the Discount Program Types form as shown below: In the line information register, you can see how different quantity levels can be configured to grant different discounts. For example, in the previous figure, the value and value „bis“ fields indicate that a product quantity between 10 and 19 units can benefit from a reduction of USD 15 per unit. Note: I have established a separate discount agreement with the „Pay by Creditors“ payment method for issuing cheques to debtors. Click „Edit“ and then select a discount position (s) that you want to convert to credit. Click „Functions“ > „Create a Credit“ If a claim is generated, its status is set on Calculate whether the discount is cumulative, or calculates whether the rebate is granted by invoice. If the status of a claim is to be calculated, the claim must go through a calculation process that is dealt with by the cumulative function. Only claims with status The calculation can be included in the approval process. In the General tab, in the Computing Date box, select the date used to determine if the purchase is made during the validity of the discount agreement. You can have many different types of discounts, and for these different types, you can reserve the limits on different accounts.

You can do this by creating different types of discount programs and changing the limit booking settings. 3. If you plan to pay a cheque for a rebate, you can link the accounts of debtors and the accounts of lenders in the tribe of debtors: if claims have been accepted, they can be processed by creditors (A/P). A credit (creditor) for the amount of the refund is generated automatically. The credit can then be added to the credit balance and the A/P team can include it in the regular billing process. The From value is included, while the „To“ value is exclusive. For example, the „Discount“ bottom-of-line field is set to the quantity, and you enter 1 in the Value-Value field and 3 in the Line Value field. In this case, the discount amount applies if you buy one or two items, but not if you buy three items. In the cumulative box of the purchase after, you can specify the calculation of the right to the discount. The amount can be set in such a way as to depend on a period (week, month, year, lifespan or adapted period). The „invoice“ value indicates that a discount fee is determined each time an order position is charged. This theme provides an overview of the most common tasks you might want to accomplish when working with credit discounts.

The overview includes the following tasks: On the Price Tab`s Purchase and Purchase Settings page, check that the price detail activation option is put on Yes. If the „No“ option is set, you can`t view the discounts. In the Workflow Authorization State field, the Authorized Value indicates that the agreement can be applied to orders that meet the terms of the agreement. For all registered discounts, the discount form (sale and marketing > discounts > rebates) is registered. To remove discounts, use under-sales and marketing of the existing „clean up discount“ feature. It will erase discounts in large quantities. Once discounts are removed, discount agreements can be changed/updated/outdated to reflect the latest changes. The credit rebate we have put in place is based on a certain creditor and a particular item, so I will place an order for the lender we chose in our credit delivery contract and order the item we chose in our discount agreement.