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When the terms and conditions of sale are activated, customers must agree to the terms of sale before the purchase is completed. The terms of sale generally contain disclosure information that may be required by law for B2C or B2B sites and include the rights of the buyer and seller. Terms and conditions are displayed according to payment information, just before the „Order“ button. Terms and conditions of sale (also known as „agreements“) allow you to require customers to accept a set or more sets of terms and conditions before they can place an order. You may also have different terms and conditions for different groups of customers. and insert that line you just cut into billing.phtml. See also in the file: It`s resonseption for js validaton, you have to change the required class from the file at the bottom phtml Magento-CheckoutAgreements-Vision-Frontend models additional_agreements.phtml To change the order of stepsOrder in the stepNavigator.registerStep method (code, aka, title, isVisible, browseorder). If you specify sortOrder <10, the test stage will be displayed before the shipping stage. Long made this post, but those who are still in need: To create new conditions for your shop, click Add new button condition. Then enter your intention in the following fields: Condition name, box text, content and content height (CSS). They may have different agreements for different groups of debtors or require agreement only for certain groups of debtors.

For now, this option is only available for the exit form. Debtor or cash, depending on where this agreement is to be posted. You can only choose one. If you want to view the agreement in both places, you must create two contractual terms. My recommendation would be to use the Block site in one way – this solution would be so much more beautiful. Then the PlaceOrderAction module creates Payload API, which differs depending on whether the current customer is connected and calls placeOrderService. But I think it`s a js, it`s not marked as tested. Here is the text that appears next to the box to be styled. That is, by clicking here, I agree with the terms and conditions above. The Knockoutj model. It contains basic elements for selecting and setting up the payment method on the checkout page, as well as making clean space buttons.

/app/code/Vendor/Module/view/frontend/web/template/payment/custom.html text or HTML. In most cases, you just have to set it to text. However, if your content contains HTML, you need to be rendered and set to HTML. In the Status field, select the „Enable“ feature. Is it possible not to require chord fields on the screen for the cash count? They are added in stores – > terms and conditions in the administration panel. handle in : The important role of showing the terms and conditions of sale to your buyers should be memorable. It`s not just how you generate all the rules for your buyers, the appearance of the terms and conditions must also be obvious to avoid legal disputes and increase the truth of your buyer in your business. Therefore, the terms and conditions must be read before an order is placed, and One Step Checkout allows the administrator of the subsidiary to freely organize the terms and conditions on the cash register page.

The Restto 2 rest/default/V1/guest-carts/payment-information method or rest/default/V1/carts/mine/payment-information is used to send payment method data to the server. The choice between the two depends on whether the current customer is a customer or if he is connected to the shop. Finally, click to extend the Mageplaza option and select One Step Checkout. In the Configuration section, set the View Conditions field to In Review Area or In Payment Area to view terms and conditions. Click Save Config and the entire setup is complete. The POST requirement for the REST resource is executed after the delivery address has been changed: How do I move the conditions of the last