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First of all, it should be noted that the title plan registered in the land registry cannot be used as an expression of the legal boundary between real estate. Some chartered survey companies that practice border demarcation,. B for example jon Maynard Boundaries, offer border agreement preparation services. Speculation about the boundary of the cladding of fences or the situation of hedges and ditches made at the time of transport. In the absence of convincing evidence of origin, such as hedges and fences that erode over time, more evidence would have to be found. Since the exact location of a property`s boundaries may be uncertain or neighbours are unclear about their border obligations, neighbours may agree to a border agreement to clarify the location or its obligations. The border agreement may be entered against the title register of the two neighbours, but will nevertheless be a general border, and the HM Land Registry does not guarantee that the legal limit is that the parties have set it as being in the border agreement. If neighbours require the border to be the exact line of the border and not a general border, the parties may agree that the border is designated as „determined.“ HM Land Registry sets no limit in the sense of resolving a dispute between the parties (which can only be determined by a court or the land department of the real estate board, trial animal court), but records against the two neighbors title register, where the exact line of the border is usually provided with a detailed plan provided by a surveyor. If you wish to make changes to your property or property that may affect another party, we believe it is best to have open discussions with that party and, where possible, sign a written agreement. . In this way, the agreement can be reproduced in case of a problem. You should keep in mind that any agreement must be made with the owner of the land; If your neighbors rent, you will need an agreement with the owner, his owner. Our expertise lies not only in the successful consultation on the legal basis of your border, but also in the settlement of the dispute with your neighbour.

We understand the often competing desire to protect your home from aggression and the need to solve things at a lower cost. There are two types of border agreements, that is, a formal border agreement established in a professional manner, executed by the parties as an act and containing an attached plan drawn up by an expert in accordance with the requirements of the land registry plan. The other is an informal border agreement, which has less stringent requirements. Both are described below. A section has been added to explain how, following transfers between neighbours, it is possible to reach a defined limit without any request for a limit being made.