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The ornate temple of Haldi has been described as having several gates, where a large number of animals have been sacrificed. Think about it: three times in these verses on the Christian behavior of different groups, Paul stressed his concern about the effect of Christian witness on the non-Christian world. In two of them he was referring to the Christian doctrine which is the doctrine of salvation. So either we do not give salvation, in this case the gospel is tarnished, or we give good proofs of salvation, leading a life obviously saved, in which the gospel shines. Our life can bring ornament or discredit to the Gospel. (John Stott) Miss Lady pretended to make a role in the few straggling hairs that adorned her forehead. 12. How does Paul order the women of verse 10 to adorn themselves? All these actions require careful planning similar to the process of a seamstress who makes a dress. The pieces only make sense because they contribute to the dress. We shouldn`t just adorn ourselves with a single piece of dress – a sleeve, a cuff or a collar – and we think we`re wearing the finished dress. Fans will no doubt flock to Austin to see this dress and two others that decorated Vivien Leigh. 16. Decorate them themselves: Paul described his approach in verse 10 as laborious and tried to pursue divinity.

The word aspiration is translated into a Greek word meaning „I agonize,“ which is an athletic term. 16. Decorate yourself: How much do you have to lead a quiet life, attractive to the infidel, so that the Gospel may be spread? How do you prepare for good works? Writing: The Greek word for „honour“ is the same word that is used in 1 Timothy 5:3, where it refers to respect and material support. The meaning of „double honour“ is not certain, but could speak of „salary,“ especially for those who have worked in preaching and teaching. The other passages in which the word „reward“ is Matthew 27:6, Acts 4:34, Acts 7:16 and 1 Corinthians 6:20. (Life Application Bible Study Guide, 107 – The Bible Knowledge Commentary New Testament, page 744) It is our hope for each of you, when you learn from the Word of God through the Letters of Paul to Timothy and Tete. Every morning, look in the mirror and see who you really are and „dress“ in a way for others to see Jesus in you.